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Computer with Internet access, broadband is recommended.

A web interface which supports HTML 4 and has JavaScript enabled. EmiWeb has been tested with the following web interfaces: Mozilla Firefox, Safari(Mac), Internet Explorer 7 & 8, as well as Opera

If you have trouble seeing EmiWeb correctly, we recommend to the user to install Mozilla Firefox which is available as a free download from

For printing of pages to work, a user should adjust the settings so that prints "as laid out on the screen".

The minimum monitor resolution should be 1024x768 pixels

Adobe Reader is needed for viewing of documents (for example letters)

A photo program which accepts JPG for viewing.

A sound program which accepts MP3 files for listening to sound clips (for example Windows Mediaplayer, Winamp)

An image program which accepts MPEG for viewing of film clips (for example Windows Mediaplayer, VLC)

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