Order public subscription (t ex library, archive or reading hall at other research centre):

  Organisations that wish to offer EmiWeb on its computers (eg. library, archives) on computers that are available to the public must sign up for a public subscription.
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Number of computers: * Numbers of computers which EmiWeb will be used on
Static IP-address: * If you have a static IP address and wish to have automatic login
Price: The prices is 2000 SEK/year. If you order a subscription for more than one computer, the price drops by 20% for each computere. If you for example order a public subscription for 3 computers the prices would be: 2000 + 1600 + 1280 = 4880 SEK. This will be calculated automatically when you place your order.
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  When we have received you order an agreement will be sent out in two copies. Please sign both and return on of them. When we receive the agreement your account will be activated.

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