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I have lost my password, what do I do?

Click here and fill in your email address. You will be sent a new password to the email address which was used to subscribe.

The information has changed since I last logged in. Why?

One of EmiWebs largest advantages is that the material is continually updated. The material that you had looked at has since been updated.

I can't log in

If you have used the correct log in and password and still can't log-in, it most likely is that EmiWeb is temporarily down for updating or other technocal situations. Information will be announced at

The page is too large to be shown on my monitor.

EmiWeb is developed with the format 1024 x 768 pixels. If you adjust your monitor for this setting, or higher, the whole page will be seen on the monitor.

Why is the text EmiWeb shown on all images in EmiWeb?

The text you see is a watermark. An authenticity marking to show that the images are the property of EmiWeb. This method is used to prevent un-authorized use of the material. If you are interested to purchase items for personal use, please contact support with your wishes.

Why isn't there newer material in the database?

The primary material included in EmiWeb is restricted by Sweden's security laws, which in practice restricts publishing of materials more recent than 70 years ago.

My password doesn't seem to work.

The EmiWeb passwords are automatically generated, and case sensitive (w is different from W) The letters O and l may look like digits. Please read the password carefully.

My credit card payment failed. What could be the reason?

There can be many reasons for your payment not clearing, all of which are beyond our control. Make sure that you have sufficient funds on your card, and that your card allows foreign transactions. If you have an old card, it may not be valid by current security standards. If you have problems with your card payments, please contact your bank of choice, or try using a different card for the payment.

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